Corporate Run is India's first Corporate Marathon with a unique opportunity for employees of TOP firms in India to get together and run for some great charitable causes. Corporate Run offers access to an engaged, passionate audience; opportunities for creative and meaningful activation; and to highlight company's social corporate responsibility efforts. Corporate Run India, abbreviated as CRI, is an annual corporate marathon held in Mumbai, India. It will be the largest corporate marathon in India as well as the largest mass participation corporate event in the country.


At Corporate Run, we train our runners to make sure they are ready for this Urban Marathon with vigorous training schedules and access to expert wellness coaches.

We offer Practice sessions on the actual race routes for both 5km and 10km races will be conducted for the benefit of participants. This sessions will be guided by expert Ultra- marathoners and wellness coaches. Expert Guidance from Wellness coaches over emails. All question’s related to running will be answered over emails by our team of experts.


At Corporate Run, we encourage team building and employee wellness. Run in our event with your colleagues and alongside peers from other companies in a fun-spirited celebration of physical achievement. The goal? Running one for the team! Corporate Run encourages you to build camaraderie and encourage fitness.

Corporate Run India creates culture which shapes employee behavior and can dictate whether participation and commitment to well-being is important and valued. Your company’s culture will be visible and demonstrate support for well-being of employees.

At Corporate Run, we build a healthy company culture. First and foremost it is about creating a way of life in the workplace that integrates a total health model into every aspect of business practice, from company policies to everyday work activities. By “total health” we mean a culture that’s supportive of emotional, financial, physical and social well-being of employees.


Employees (permanent, contract, third party and temporary) of multinational, Indian, government, non governmental, private, semi-government and other organizations can participate in Corporate Run India.