Come Train with us

At Corporate Run India, we are passionate about running and you. As more and more runners are turning to the marathon to prove their running mettle, appropriate training and getting run ready for the race day to be able to put in their best performance is very important.

While virtually any runner can complete a marathon with enough training and determination, large reservoirs of both are required. You should not run a marathon unless you have at least a year of running experience behind you to prepare both mind and muscle for the miles and months of training ahead.

Preparing for a marathon, after all, is no easy thing - It is a big time commitment, and for most it demands vast amounts of energy -- physical, mental and emotional.

The pay-off, of course, is equally enormous. Enhanced strength, confidence and stoicism are the treasures reaped by all marathon athletes, whatever their ability.

At Corporate Run, we train our runners to make sure they are ready for this Urban Marathon with vigorous training schedules and access to expert wellness coaches.

We offer Practice sessions on the actual race routes for both 5km and 10km races will be conducted for the benefit of participants. This sessions will be guided by expert Ultra- marathoners and wellness coaches. Expert Guidance from Wellness coaches over emails. All question’s related to running will be answered over emails by our team of experts.

Dedicated training Manuals – Dedicated training manuals with 30 day training guides will be provided over request to participants to help them train for any phase of the run. These manuals will be in 2 categories – Novice and Intermediate runners.

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